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Theresa Regan

Neuropsychologist, Certified Autism Specialist

Dr. Regan is a neuropsychologist and content expert in the area of autism in the adult and aging adult. She is the Director of the OSF HealthCare Adult Diagnostic Autism Clinic in central, IL. As an author and speaker, she enjoys opportunities to teach and learn from others. Whether you are just learning about autism in the adult, or are seasoned in the topic, Dr. Regan will help you grow in your knowledge, illustrating difficult concepts in easy-to-understand language. As both a professional with a doctorate in brain-behavior relationships and a parent in the trenches, she lives day-to-day in both the professional and personal autism worlds. She is happy to connect with others on the journey.

 The opinions expressed by Dr. Regan on this website and linked content are expressions of her own experiences and opinions. They do not represent the opinions of any other institution or organization. 



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AWESOME SPEAKER!! You should definitely have her again. Very good information and honest take on the diagnosis. Thank you for having her!


Thank you so much! This was an excellent topic, presented well and definitely information I can take and use in our family!

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